Murill dietary supplements


Scelta Ceuticals’ dietary supplements are produced with care. We want to set ourselves apart when it comes to quality. For this reason, the entire process from production to shipment is closely controlled and monitored. With the summary below, we want to demonstrate to you what makes our product unique.


Scelta Ceuticals Murill (SCM):


 ''    Unique industrial production process
 ''    Practically no heavy metals (well under the standards) Free from herbicides and pesticides  

 ''    Suitable for daily use

 ''    100% Murill powder (no additives or residues of humus)

 ''    Stringent quality standards

 ''    Is laid down in a EFSA Dossier (pending since 2007)

 ''    KAG registration 3134-0711-0915

 ''    Labels KAG registration 3134-0711-0913 and ..0914 



      KOAG/KAG presentation